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  • Doctor R.S. – Italy
    At the end of this course I realized that the method works no matter what “scientific” explanation you can find. I tried other intellectual speculations regarding the “anthropological pathways,” the old Gnossis, Tantra or the Upanishads, but they seemed to me too far from this immediate and direct approach. What I realized was that all my knowledge was not only not useful but detrimental to my learning. It happened at the beginning when I gave my first “White Light” healing to a friend with Parkinson’s Disease. He did not know that I was a doctor and that I usually treat patients like him. He chose me as a healer and I was amazed. Twenty years of medical school training stood in front of me. …Eventually I perceived the light entering and expanding. …What impressed me was that he was really better, without any levodopa or dopaminergic drugs. His voice, his face, his movements were better.
    Doctor R.S. – Italy
  • I. F. – LIsbon
    According to the doctors, glaucoma is “a disease for life”. Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with a Glaucoma (internal high ocular tension). The values where between 27 and 25. The normal ocular tension is between 14 and 18. I lived 10 years religiously putting drops in my eyes, in the morning and at night. After a Body mirror intensive, where I talked to Martin Brofman about this, he advised me to fing out wha was the internal tension that I was living at the time and to think about it. I was able to find the cause: – I had tell my two sons that they couldn’t come to live with me (they lived with their father since the divorce), because I didn’t want to set precedents and live with the three daughters of my husband. After one month, I was forced to receive them by court order… (The children had ask to change parental authority). The house was too small for the 5 of us, we couldnt be 7 living there. I depressed. Not only because I didn«t have my sons with me, but also beause of being forced to live with his daughters, much more work, much more expenses, fights…
    Realizing all of this, I thought: But there is even no reason for this to exist anymore, the tension did not even existed anymore. I was already divorced. With the divorce I recovered the connection and friendship with my sons. After that episosed, they had been much colder with me.
    I decided to stop putting drops in my eyes. After a few months I went to the ophthalmologist. The ocular tension was normal. I went there every year and the tension was always normal. After 4 years without drops, I went to the hospital, to do several eye exams, like the “Visual Fields” specific for glaucomas. The tension keeps to be normal. I have full remission.
    I. F. – LIsbon
  • A. D. - Geneva
    The doctor said he thought I had not resisted and taken the medicines again: the results of my analyses were deeply impressive! For the first time after 5 years, my thyroid functions perfectly, alone! I am so happy to have found my normal way of health again! It is fantastic! I am enjoying each minute of this new life, MY life!!! Thank you for your spreading what you know!!!!!
    A. D. - Geneva
  • A.M. - Switzerland
    I have had high blood pressure all my life, and now it is back to normal (healed by another student during an Intensive Level 1). This has been witnessed by 2 doctors in the intervall of 6 months. I’m very happy about this :o)
    A.M. - Switzerland
  • N.W. - Danemark
    Thank you for what you have done to me. I am feeling a happiness when I take a cup on one hand and a plate in my other hand and walk to the table. …About three weeks and three days ago I could not do things like that. I have bought a bike. It is eight years since I have been on a bike. It is so good to feel the wind in my face. It is because of you I can hold the pain away and I can walk without that stick. Thank you Martin Brofman
    N.W. - Danemark
Before class, addicted to heroin for 5 years but treated with methadone for the last 6 months with 90mg per day. Tried unsuccessfully to quit before class. First day of class I took 90mg, afternoon of the second day it was ok with just 25mg. I took nothing on the third and fourth day. No withdrawal symptoms, neither physical nor mental. I feel free and light. I am cured!
S.S. Geneva
My allergies are gone. This weekend, I ate eggs, cake, cream, all things I was allergic to. No eczema occurred.
D.B. - London

Ten years ago, I developed a strawberry allergy. The smell was enough to make my head itch. During the March Intensive, I decided to eat a cup of strawberries, thinking, "I'm one of 30 healers, if I don't eat strawberries now, I'll never eat strawberries again in my whole life. " It didn't cause me any problems and since then I can eat and smell strawberries without pain.
A.M. - Italy

I had an allergy test today, related to my work and it turns out that I am now free of candidiasis, good with sugar, no hypoglycemia, good with wheat, gluten, milk, meat, good with alcohol. For someone with a diagnosis of ME - related to hypoglycemia and candidiasis - for 7 years, and who hadn't ingested sugar, alcohol and caffeine, I was quite impressed. I feel better, I feel cured, but seeing it in black and white on a piece of paper "was great.
H. S. - London

I'm coming down the stairs properly. Straight ahead. I always used the railing and went down the side. Second good thing. When I fly with Air France, they use almond soap. Before, I would have had an allergic reaction, a rash would have moved up my arm and caused a partial throat closure. That did not happen.
D.B. - London

For years, I was anemic and had iron infusions. It seemed chronic and it didn't get any better. And now I have excellent results. In March 2010, my ferritin was 8, in June it was 10. Now, after your seminar, it is 21, it has doubled. The average is between 10 and 150, so I decided that I would have my ferritin, my iron levels, higher. I'm happy with those results.
A.B. - Geneva
My arthritic right elbow is at least 90% better. Most amazing of all, it seems that I have lost the dairy intolerance I had for the past 5 years. The cheese triggered arthritis a day or two later and the pain was bad enough to keep me awake. By the last day of class, the coffee was out of anything but fried Haloumi cheese and somehow I knew it wouldn't be unwise to eat it. No problem! A few days ago, I had a great pizza overflowing with cheese and there's no sign of a reaction. I am healed and I feel grateful and so humbled to have received this gift.
M. H. - England

I don't have cervical arthritis anymore. It has now been 99 days since the end of the internship.
C. J. - France
Very calm, extremely relaxed and grounded mind, clarity about my path.
J.M. - Canada

Your course made a big impression on me and I used the cure on 4 patients with good effects.
Dr. A.S. - England

I am taking charge of my life and dealing with difficult situations that would have made me suicidal before.
H.J. - England

I'm a different person. I feel so much love around me and my heart is open. I've never been so deep inside myself before.
K.S. - Germany

I don't have the right words to describe how it feels to participate and finish one of Martin's seminars. I have been involved in the world of holistic health for over 20 years now and it must go a long way to take me to the level of excitement I reached during that first seminar. The man is a Master Healer and Teacher. I wish I had the benefit of attending a seminar with him before developing my initial brochure for the last seminar. That would have been totally different. Above and beyond everything else, what impressed me most was the clarity and SIMPLICITY of the teachings and the fact that they are EFFECTIVE. During the weekend we worked about 10 hours a day. We saw amazing things happening. We saw a woman born with central motor paralysis and a deformed gait walk straighter for the first time and with less pain. Personally, I had a chronic throat disease and it went away. We saw headaches, backaches and more disappear IMMEDIATELY. We learned to see auras in 5 to 10 minutes, which I had been trying to do for many years. We spent several hours learning about the chakras in depth - the colors, the different emotional, mental and physical parts they touch, colors that indicate a dysfunction in one or more areas of our lives and how to clarify the colors and by doing this, clarify the dysfunction and we were able to verify with each other that something had been healed. Issues that had been buried for a long time and that were affecting our lives in some way were, for some of us, brought to the surface and released. We have received 5 healings and have had the opportunity to be a healer as many times and we have healing happening. We learned to scan the body, see the chakras and clarify them. We learned to see the thought-forms and we were able to remove them. There is much, much more that happened, too much to mention here.
J.E.R. - United States

At the end of this course I realized that the method works no matter what "scientific" explanations you might find. I tried other intellectual speculations about "anthropological ways", ancient Gnosis, Tantra or Upanishads, but they seemed too far away from this direct and immediate approach. What I understood was that all my knowledge was not only not useful but detrimental to my learning. This happened at first when I gave my first "White Light" healing to an acquaintance who had Parkinson's disease. She didn't know that I was a doctor and that I usually treat patients like her. She chose me as her healer and I was amazed. Twenty years of medical school training was standing in front of me... Finally, I felt the light enter and spread... What impressed me was the fact that she was really feeling better, without medication with dopamine. Her voice, her face and her movements were better.
Doctor R.S. - Italy

I'm just writing to thank you very much for the wonderful workshop last weekend. It changed my life. I think the fog that I've been looking through for so long has lifted. Suddenly everything is different, yet the same. I feel light-hearted, energetic, loving, hopeful and totally clear with new convictions about how to live my life and why I am actually here.
L.P. - London

Life seems much simpler and richer now, I have the logical answers to common ailments.
C. D. - England

Since I came home on Sunday, I've been getting better and better every day. I feel alive, I feel connected, I feel rooted, I feel complete, I feel conscious, I feel love everywhere, I feel happy. I AM.
J. K. - England

Wow, this technique is really incredible and beautiful! I gave a healing three weeks ago to a friend in the US for his twisted ankle. We didn't do it in the Level 1 course, but I thought that since energy is everywhere, a distance healing should work the same way as well as with the person present. My friend was quite skeptical but curious, but at least he trusted me and my good intentions. He called me a moment ago to tell me his success story. Well, not only did his ankle improve within 2 days (it had been in a status quo for several months), but his wife had the ideal profile for a job in Germany, where for him it would also be easy to get a job. They wanted to move to Germany for a while and things just hadn't happened until then. I am very happy impressed and touched by how much a wisely directed love of difference can make. I love it! I love it! Thank you so much for this!!!!!!! I am very impressed and touched to see how much difference a wisely directed love of difference can make. I love it! I love it! Thank you so much for this method.
A.F. - Groningen (Netherlands)

I feel remarkably different in such a short space of time. I feel calm, don't tense and my feet are so flat on the ground, I feel like I'm walking around with flippers... I am enjoying my new place in the world so much ! After 10 years of various healing sessions, this is the first time I left with a tangible result instead of a warm feeling that "something good must have happened".
A.D. - Denmark

.....on the plane coming home I felt so relaxed and soon realized that all the anxiety that I used to associate with vertigo, which was rather severe, had disappeared and that I was no longer worried at all about landing and taking off or all the jolts during the flight. Every time I've come to a course-I've done three now-it's gotten better and now it's completely gone. My digestive system has also improved and I no longer have sensitivity to wheat. All my symptoms have disappeared since I've been home.
C.W. - Scotland
My sincere thanks for your insight into the issues I posted on the forum. My right arm is now strong and extending. I no longer hold back and face things with truth.
S. I feel so perfect, full of love for everyone and like a little child who wants to explore his power. I am a new person, the one I have known all my life but I never allowed her to express herself freely !
S. G. - Copenhagen
Since I have been in contact with your work, I have begun to feel a new quality of energy spreading through my being.
F.L. - United Kingdom
At the end of the course, I realized that the method works, no matter what "scientific" explanation you can find. I tried other intellectual speculations about "anthropological paths", Ancient Gnosis, Tantra or the Upanishads but all seemed too far from this immediate and direct approach. What I understood was that my knowledge was not only not useful but was at the expense of my learning. This happened at the beginning when I gave my first "White Light" healing to a friend who had Parkinson's disease. He didn't know that I was a doctor and that I treated patients like him. He chose me as his healer and I was amazed. 20 years of medical school training were standing in front of me... Finally I saw the light entering and spreading. What impressed me was that he was really better off without levodopa or dopamine drugs. His voice, his face, his movements were better.
Doctor R.S. - Italy
No more pain in my arm, so now I can go to the neurologist and tell him that I've been healed (I'm going to like it) You told me how to treat a person, after seeing him when you healed my heart chakra. I followed your advice and it made my life much easier. And most importantly for me, I am enjoying life again. For me life now is really God playing with God. Thank you very much!
D.S.L. - Denmark
I've had high blood pressure all my life, and now it's back to normal. This has been documented by two doctors within a six-month interval. I'm very happy about that. A.M. - Switzerland I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and for the first time my blood pressure is normal at his office. C.Q. - U.S.A. My blood pressure is now normal (i.e. like everyone else) without any medication. I haven't been at this level for fifteen years. My eyesight is improving just as slowly. I don't wear glasses when I drive during the day, and when I have to wear them, I wear my reading glasses which have a much lower prescription or I get headaches. And on the subject of headaches - I had a very strong one yesterday when I woke up and I recovered. I filled myself with white light and then I physically removed the headache and threw it out. Poof - gone. Beautiful. My bowels are getting better too. And generally I feel much more relaxed and laid back, and very happy with life in general. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I'm a success story!
N.B. - France
I saw my doctor yesterday, my blood pressure stayed the same at rest, and he was so impressed and incredibly relieved and he found it quite amazing. Yesterday was my best result ever. I showed no signs of orthostatic hypotension. I said: Cool, huh? And he said: Don't laugh. It's not a joke. When I started showing signs of improvement, he admitted that at one point he thought I wasn't gonna make it. I had what's called an "idiopathic autonomic nervous system malfunction" where I would faint if I got up quickly, my heart rate would go up just by getting up, and I would have to go to the bathroom 8-10 times a night because it also affects your diuretic hormones. Needless to say, someone would have to accompany me to the bathroom. When I see what's happening today from where I've been, I take a new look at it.
R.I. - U.S.A.
My blood pressure, which was too high, is normal. My mother, who I thought was in great pain, is healthy. The tumor in her kidney is gone.
L.H. - Denmark
After the last healing I felt a deep change in my upper buttocks. I was suddenly able to stand up more easily and for longer. I also felt inner connections in my right thigh. This was immediate. A week later I was able to get up from a chair without having to use both hands and I was able to walk without a cane at home for a long time, something that had been "impossible" for 20 years. In fact both my legs and hips are finally glued to my waist and I feel them in unity with the rest of my body. I have woken up 3 or 4 times at night and felt "working" the inside of my right leg.
H.O. - France
To talk about the results of the healings... Apnea in my sleep, gone! Swollen lymph glands, gone! Gynecological problems, gone!
V.C. - Greece
I attended your first healing weekend in the UK last year and found the experience incredible. I have an incurable lung disease - very rare - for which there is no cure. I have just had my annual medical check-up and guess what? The test shows that my lung functions have improved ! The doctor told me right away that this was impossible and had no explanation. But we know why!!
A.H. - London
The day I left the seminary, I went home and my 10-year-old boy had an asthma attack. I went to the kitchen to get the medicine, but I thought I am a healer and I put my hands on my child when I came back... the symptoms disappeared.
R.L. - Madeira
I just want to let you know that the liver scan shows no more cancer. So I'm healthy again.
A.B. - Denmark
I got my left arm back. This means that when I was lying down before, my brain refused to "recognize" (according to the doctor) my arm and very often I couldn't feel it. Now I can (healing effects of the brain tumor).
S.J. - France Lyon
I had my CAT scan yesterday and there's no sign of cancer. Suddenly a lot of people are interested and amazed by the "miracle".
M.L. - India
Conditions at the beginning of the seminar. - Progressive cancer - type A melanoma, appearing in the lymph region chest, arms. I went to the intensive seminar because I didn't have much hope for the future, having had 4 operations for skin cancer. After the course, a CT scan showed that the cancer in the lymph was gone. The blood test was normal and so was the ultra CT scan.
K.M. - Switzerland
A year ago a friend of mine told me about you and your method of curing cancer. She treated me with chakra healing, and I watched your Youtube video. This time I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with metastasis in the bones. Since then, I started meditating like you did. And last week I had some tests and they came back negative. The cancer was gone. So I thought I should write to you, and I'm very grateful and happy that you've shared your method of healing.
My mammogram was a real success story (they called me to do it again), because they told me that the first report was unclear and just a mistake. The scintigraphy (looking for metastases on the bones) was still not clear: first my doctor told me that there were some new areas of accumulation (but some of the last image had disappeared), then on the X-ray, everything was normal. So everything is OK now!
M.S. - Slovenia
In 2006, the scan of a tumour in my head showed that it had collapsed inwards and the doctors said they didn't need to see me after that anymore. But I asked for another scan recently so that I could see in the picture if it had progressed to no tumour at all. I just came back from the hospital where the consultant showed me the analysis of what used to be a tumour in my head. It has been reduced to only 5 mm in diameter and the width of my little fingertip and at the place that used to be filled with blood and growing, the tissue is now black and dead, like the tissue of an old scar. The consultant said there is nothing to worry about and it was wonderful to see the new image, compared to the ones I was used to being presented with five or six years ago. I am so happy to have reached this stage in my healing journey, and grateful to my body for taking me on the road to healing where I have discovered a happier and richer life. I want to thank you Martin especially for your wisdom and clarity and your loving insistence that we can pursue healing to its fullest extent without compromise.
A.P. - London
In January 2007, I was involved in a serious bus accident and spent a month in hospital. During this time, an analysis revealed lymphoma and I underwent chemotherapy in the following months. In May 2008, I relapsed and was told that without treatment, I had "weeks, maybe months" to live. However - and not wanting to do the stem cell transplant offered and these levels of chemo decimating the immune system (and, after all, only 30% - 50% chance of success) - I decided to look at other approaches. I first studied Mirror Body later that year. Over the next while, I felt that I was holding up well in the face of the disease, but the scans showed that it was still progressing. It was after these scans that I wanted to ask for help - finding it difficult to maintain the idea that I was getting better and better, with integrity. You have all been fantastically supportive (thank you all), some even more, spending time on the phone and with individual healing (thank you Martin, thank you Anna, thank you Manya). And thank you to everyone I worked with during the Intensives. At the last appointment with my consulting doctor, I was told - after being physically examined and I was healthy and free of any symptoms for good - that I am in complete clinical remission!!
E.C. - London
In the autumn of 2007, I needed surgery for a large cyst (6cm in diameter) near my ovaries. After a Mirror-Body healing with you here in London, the cyst shrunk to 3.5cm and the surgery was cancelled. I had an ultrasound at the hospital early this morning to check the situation and two and a half years after the surgery was cancelled, I am very happy to let you know that there is no trace of this cyst anymore, as if it had never been there. (SIGHS) THANK YOU.
M.F. - London
Arialisa doesn't have any more cancer in her body (that's what her blood test says).
M.F. - Italy
Based on my clean test results, the brain tumors have shrunk. Hurrah! Everything else is stable.
MISS. - London feeding problem has been cured. This happened during the course... Things are different now in my family - my father is less confused and my mother is happier. That's great. I'm finally letting my dad's love come back. I feel very emotional about all this and there is finally an element of trust building between us and healing.
D.W. United Kingdom
Following the body-mirror training courses of January in Champex and the sight training course of February in Lausanne, yesterday afternoon, I went for a control of my sight, I improved my vision by 1/ 2 diopter on the left and on the right, that is to say that my vision improved by approximately 20%. The astigmatism in my right eye has disappeared.
S.B. - Switzerland
I saw the ophthalmologist this morning, he didn "t want to admit the evolution of my sight but he finally prescribed me glasses half as strong as before.
L.O. - Paris
I am pleased to report that following a visit to the ophthalmologist, my eyesight has improved by 1.5 diopters. This is just the beginning.
C.R. - France
Glasses now too strong. No more hearing problems and tinnitus is very mild. Aware of who I am.
- Comfort, no strain on the eyes when not wearing glasses
Vision now perfect, confidence and self-esteem.
B.R. - Portugal
I just came from the optician. And I went from -3.25 to -1.25 in myopia. Then I had a very interesting discussion with the optician and, he is really interested in us meeting again. He kept the results on a paper and would like to see the evolution compared to the next time. He was very surprised because according to him myopia is busy disappearing which is the opposite of what usually happens.
J.G. - France
This is to thank you for your response and for the information provided in your book. It worked for me and I am pregnant now (1 month). We are very happy and very grateful to you.
K.A. India

I told you about my miracle baby after taking your course in 2005 with my husband. I thought I would like to write to you to remind you of this wonderful miracle so that you can share with your future classes and let them know how everything is possible. I had a miscarriage, and a miscarriage, and then another miscarriage. Conceiving wasn't a problem. The weird thing that happened during the class was that the first healer that ended up with me, of all the people in the class, was a midwife. Pure luck? Coincidence?!? Synchronicity?
E.C. London
Cela fait maintenant une semaine que j'ai terminé mon stage corps-miroir et ma vie en est transformée à nombre de points de vue. Hier, mon ex-compagne, qui est Docteur en Pharmacie mais ouverte à ces médecines douces, m'a appelé car elle subissait les assauts de la grippe et se trouvait assez mal à l'autre bout de la France et incapable de mener ses activités personnelles et professionnelles.
Elle m'a demandé si je pouvais faire quelque chose pour elle et j'ai pu mettre en pratique pour la première fois de façon significative ce que j'ai appris, il y a eu une amélioration immédiate et spectaculaire de son état et de ses douleurs, amélioration qui n'était pas du niveau de l'impression mais dont elle a senti en elle le processus au moment où il intervenait et qu'elle m'a décrit dans son mode effectif. Le soir, le processus de rétablissement se poursuivait sans être tout à fait complet, mais du moins lui permettait-il de vaquer sans difficulté à ses occupations, ce qui le matin n'était pas le cas.
P.S. - France
Non seulement, mon foie est maintenant guéri ainsi que la relation avec les personnes chères s’est améliorée mais le brouillard que j’avais dans la tête s’est changé en clarté.
S.B. - Porto
Je savais que j’avais ce problème depuis 4 ans et je trouvais que le traitement de la médecine traditionnelle faisait très mal. Donc, j’ai entendu parler du Système Corps-Miroir et j’y suis allé. Aujourd’hui je suis allé chercher mon analyse clinique et j’ai eu une surprise merveilleuse : l’hépatite C est partie !!!
S.B. - Porto
I got my Pap test result yesterday and there is (no more) condyloma. My doctor was wondering... is it possible? Yes, it is!!!! Everything can be cured !
K.V. Greece
Since the seminar with you at the weekend in London, I had a scan yesterday and received the results: everything is clear, nothing unusual can be seen! The previous scan had shown a thick wall to the uterus which led to an operation to remove it and then the operation led to bleeding. I had a very, very heavy menstruation before participating in Level 1, as well as a lot of secretions and infections. However, the results of the swabs are now clear and everything became clearer during level 1. There is nothing more now that appears in the scan!
E. K. - London
I had a sclerous lichen in my vulva. I HAD, because I don't have it anymore! So I am very happy about that and I would like to thank you for the healing you gave me, the advice and inspiration. I am very grateful.
N.F. - Greece
Je peux étendre mon bras sur toute sa longueur et je suis capable de m’entendre claque des doigts. Avant je devais claquer des doigts près de mon oreille.
R.G. - USA - Texas
Il y a 8 ans; alors que je donnais un cours de yoga (qui était à ce moment-là seulement un passe-temps que je coordonnais avec mon travail, en dépit du fait que je voulais que cela devienne ma manière de gagner ma vie), je ressentais un son fort et constant dans l’oreille droite (je suis gaucher) qui faisait obstacle à mon sens d’audition de ce côté. Le jour après que Martin ait parlé de ma perception à propos des attentes concernant la famille et comment je décidais de me sentir à propos de ne pas faire ce que je voulais vraiment faire, et après un moment on m’a dit de bouger mes doigts près de mon oreille droite et pour la première fois en 8 ans, j’ai entendu quelque chose. C’était extraordinaire !! Dans cette même nuit, j’ai entendu la musique dans mes écouteurs et le jour après je pouvais écouter murmurer dans l’oreille droite !!
R. C. - Portugal
Sur mon chemin vers la maison, j’ai entendu totalement avec mon oreille gauche.
W.L. - England
My short-term memory is returning to a place where I don't feel demented several times a day because I forget little things. The other day I had something in the oven, and remembered it simply and in time, so I didn't come out of the kitchen only to realize that once again I had forgotten to take things out. I feel really good just remembering things and not writing little pieces of paper that I forget afterwards all the time!
M.L.G. - Denmark
I'm writing you this letter to say thank you very much!!!! I had no pain for 4 days, I'm cured !!! (During the last 9 years I felt constantly and every day only pain)
S. de R. - Guatemala
About 18 months ago, I had a symptom that didn't heal. The diagnosis was quite horrible, and the future suddenly looked bleak: long-term, even life-long medication and all sorts of tests and therapies. It wasn't part of my plan at all, and I wanted to get out of that situation. I couldn't accept what I had been told; that I would be disabled for the rest of my life. Worse, they couldn't tell me why I got sick or how to get better. All I had was the name of an illness and a bunch of pills. At that time, a dear friend of mine gave me a book called Everything Can Be Cured by Martin Brofman. It took me a bit of effort to read it through - many of the ideas were very extreme, even for me, but I persevered. I thought: what's the worst that can happen? So I tried. It's basically a healing meditation. And it worked. I'm off painkillers, back at work and busier and more positive than I was before I got sick. It's mostly because of the fabulous feeling of waking up every morning and realizing that you are pain free.
"Anita" - U.S.A.
Neck and shoulder pain, which had been there since a car accident seven years ago, disappeared during class, and I no longer have sinus problems.
Mr. Al-M - Kuwait
For me: I have just completed a "driving test", and I finally succeeded, after 6 and a half months where I was not able to drive -> to hold and turn the wheel. (Note - the arm had been painful and immobilized) Back in the driver's seat :-) ;-) ... great! Thanks for all your help and teaching.
D. B. - Luxembourg
After attending the Mirror Body Workshop with Martin Brofman and Philippe Hannetelle, I suffered from psoriatic arthritis and algodystrophy in my feet, I could no longer walk and then found myself on crutches and in a wheelchair. The doctors had condemned me and recognized my disability. The pain was constant and there was no relief despite all the painkillers and other . Nothing was working. I went to Switzerland to attend the Body Mirror Workshop with great difficulty to get there and a very good friend took me there. After the workshop in April, the pain started to decrease and in June the doctors asked me questions after a new X-ray of my feet, my foot bones were rebuilding quickly and they suggested that I have X-rays and other tests the following month... And there again a clear improvement. To this day, I can walk properly without crutches and my wheelchair remains folded. I thank Martin, Philippe and the whole team of healers I met in the workshops, all the love I received and still receive. It is a real feeling of happiness, they are in unconditional love, I thank the whole team and I wish a wonderful life to everyone lined with a beautiful path of white light.
T.F. - France
Coming in from X-ray. Wonderful, there's no more fracture, the bone is healed as I had imagined. My doctors and traditional medicine say that in the first 5 years, there is an 80% chance that the bone will not heal because of a lack of blood in the area of the head and neck of the femur. Therefore, they are very surprised.
A.P. - Germany
The success I have noticed so far is that my sacrum has not moved out of position and I have moved my body in a much more fluid manner. I also feel that my consciousness has been rebalanced - I am living in a new, lighter, freer, more deeply joyful bubble that is beautiful.
K.K. - England
After typical rehabilitation proved ineffective, chakra work almost led me to walk without a walker, my endurance increases with daily exercise. I am able to stop and restart on a slope, I have gained a lot of balance, I can finally see the light at the end of my rehabilitation tunnel.
R. B. - U.S.A.
Thank you for what you have done for me. I feel happiness when I take a cup in one hand and a plate in the other and walk to a table. About 3 weeks and 3 days ago, I couldn't do things like that. I bought a bicycle, I hadn't done that for 8 years. It feels good to feel the wind on my face. It is thanks to you that I can hold the pain away and that I can walk without a cane. Thank you Martin Brofman.
N.W. - Denmark
The doctor said that he thought I had not resisted and resumed the medication: the results of my tests were deeply impressive! For the first time after five years, my thyroid works perfectly, alone! I am so happy to have found my normal health again! It's fantastic! I enjoy every minute of this new life, my life!!! Thank you for spreading what you know!!!
A. D. - Geneva