Crown Chakra

Also known as: Cosmic Consciousness Center, “I AM” Center, Sahasrara

Body/Mind Associations :

  • Location

    Top of the head
  • Color

  • Parts of the body

    This Chakra is associated with the top of the head, the brain, and the entire nervous system
  • Endocrine gland

    Pineal Gland
  • Sense

    Sense of empathy, unity, experiencing another person’s experience as if you were inside them, being them.
  • Consciousness

    The Crown Chakra represents that part of our consciousness concerned with perceptions of unity or separation. Just as the Root Chakra showed our connection with Mother Earth, this chakra shows our relationship with Our Father in Heaven. It represents our connection with our biological father, which becomes the model for our relationship with authority, and ultimately, with God. It’s the level of the soul.

    When one experiences a sense of separation from their father, they close the crown chakra, and experience a sense of isolation and aloneness, as if they are in a shell, and having difficulty with feeling contact with those around them. Thought processes tend to justify and maintain the sense of aloneness.
    The view from this chakra includes seeing one’s Self as the single consciousness creating all, and paradoxically, thus connected to all, like a dreamer dreaming a dream and realizing that all that is perceived is just an extension of their own consciousness.
  • Element

    Inner Light, which is what one experiences when they are in the deepest part of their being, as a point of consciousness glowing with intelligence.
    Also called White Light. Metaphysically, this is considered the most subtle element of which the entire physical universe is created.
  • Musical Note

    B - (Si)