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Are you wearing glasses or contact lenses?

Clear vision is not a physical aptitude, it is a state of mind

You can return to physical clarity by coming back to inner clarity.

People who see blurry have lost sight of themselves, away from themselves.

The clarity of your eyesight and your inner clarity are inseparable.

This weekend course was designed by Martin Brofman for those who want to improve their eyesight or heal it or change the way they look at themselves and the world. This two-day program, usually taught on weekends, combines eyesight improvement with personal development.

You explore all aspects of eyesight, the physical, emotional, mental and metaphysical level and discover the relationship between your way of being and your way of seeing.

Sight is not simply a physical process involving acuity, it is a multidimensional process affecting and being affected by our emotions, our beliefs, the personality we have developed.

Our eyesight is closely linked to our way of being. This means that there is a certain type of personality associated with each symptom of vision.
What people who do not see clearly have in common is that they all respond to their environment with stress. This stress creates tension not only at the physical level but also in the consciousness.
It is now recognized that stress is responsible for the vast majority or even the totality of symptoms. Stress is stored in the physical body in different ways and especially at the muscular level. In regard to eyesight, the stress stored in the muscles that surround the eyeball keeps them in a position that prevents them from adjusting the vision.
Each eyeball is surrounded by six muscles that move it in different directions. By contracting, they lengthen or contract the eyeballs according to what we want to see. Muscles also respond to what we see, feel, think.
When your eyes do not respond to your decision to see what is near or far and the focus no longer works, it's because the muscles are tight.
You are a consciousness within your physical body. This consciousness thinks, feels, reacts to what it sees, to what is happening.
When you react to a situation with stress, either you release it naturally after a while, or you continue to feel it because it is a recurring situation. When this stress reaches a certain degree of intensity because of the duration or the depth of a shock, it becomes a symptom.
When your vision becomes blurry, it means that you feel tension in the muscles surrounding the eyeball, the muscles are contracted and keep the eyeball short or lenghten or deformed.
Stress is defined as a way of reacting to your environment. You perceive the situation you are reacting to as overwhelming your resources and potentially endangering your well-being.

Whatever the symptom, your eyesight becomes blurry when you react to something with stress

Glasses and contact lenses compensate for blurring and lack of muscular accommodation, but they also keep your eyes in a fixed position by keeping the muscles in the same position, they remain contracted and they also keep your consciousness in the same state of stress.
You get used to seeing the world through a state of consciousness that is the result of stress. You identify with this way of seeing and being but it is not you. The glasses prevent you from returning to clarity, they keep you away from you.
To return to the clarity is to find oneself, to return to oneself.

The muscles of the eye

The muscles that surround your eyes can be relaxed using relaxation techniques and Hatha Yoga eye exercises - similar to what optometrists call mobility exercises.
If stress affects vision in a negative way, then relaxation techniques can improve it. When muscle tone is restored, the eyeballs return to their natural shape and clear vision can return
Tensions are released from both body and consciousness and you return to a way of being easier, clearer and more natural for you.
For many, the way to clear vision involves an inner journey, a process of rediscovering yourself. The time it takes varies, depending on your sensitivities, beliefs and openness to changing some attitudes to others that work better for you.
The return to clarity can occur in minutes or hours, or take months.

The Vision Workshop ©

This workshop is for all those who do not see clearly, no matter what the symptom – nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or other "organic" problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, etc., and who want to do the inner work necessary to return to clarity.
During the workshop, we ask you to not wear your glasses or contact lenses so that you can see for yourself the degree of improvement as clarity is coming back.
Come and see for yourself !
This weekend vision improvement program was developed by Martin Brofman, who healed himself of a terminal illness that traditional medicine had considered hopeless. He has been able to heal himself by exploring his consciousness and using inner techniques of visualization, relaxation and positive thinking, such as those presented in this workshop.
He received a side effect to his healing, as he no longer needed the glasses he had been wearing for 20 years. His sight had become clear again. This is what stimulated his research on the relationship between eyesight and consciousness and enabled him to create this workshop.
He has also developed a healing method, "The Body-Mirror System", which explores the relationship between our consciousness, our life and our physical body as a whole. He is the author of "Improving your Vision" - "Anything Can Be Healed" and "The Inner Cause" and his techniques are taught all over the world by the instructors he has trained.

Do you want to improve your eyesight ?

During this weekend experience, you will explore the physical, emotional, psychological and metaphysical aspects of your vision in order to discover the relationship between your way of being and your way of seeing. You’ll have the chance to return to a way of being that works better for you.
You will be able to consider the various factors that you have allowed to affect your vision until now and have concrete tools to make the necessary transformation to return to a clear vision.
Many people leave the workshop seeing more clearly. If the process is not finished yet, you leave with the tools that allow you to continue the process.

The techniques used and learned during the workshop:


Deep relaxation at Alpha state.

Positive thinking & changing limiting ideas

Hatha Yoga eye exercises.

Creative visualizations and affirmations.

Through the exercices, the Vision Workshop allows you to become aware of the metaphorical aspects of your eyesight, to experience the clear vision as a state that exists in you, to accept the state of consciousness in which you see more clearly without glasses or contact lenses and to create a new way of being and seeing more effective for you.
Since nearly 40 years, many people have already participated in this two days adventure and have either improved partially or completely healed their eyesight and vision.
There isn’t anything you can’t do – Just some things you haven’t yet learned how to do. This is an opportunity to go beyond your perceived limits, do things you thought were impossible, and recognize the unlimited nature of your Being.

Martin Brofman

We like to make you want to see clearly, not only for the comfort of not having glasses or contact lenses, but especially for the happiness of being yourself. When you recognize yourself in the description of the way of being and in the stress associated with the symptom you are experiencing and realize how far away you have been from yourself, the workshop can give you inspiration and the tools to find yourself. So you will never want to be anywhere else, to do anything else or to be someone else because you will be that person, you will be the full expression of yourself. The workshop can help you find your place.
When everyone has found their place in this wonderful orchestration of life, then the world will be more harmonious.
Seeing clearly is just the beginning of a journey. There is a lot to see inside, many depths, a lot to see outside, many experiences to live, beyond the mind in the realms of heart, mind and soul .
Come and see for yourself!
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