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Who are we?

The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage healing and coordinate the worldwide activities of the Body-Mirror System and the Vision Workshop instructors.

This site contains the ideas, philosophical concepts and tools that constitute these two methods created by Martin Brofman in 1980.

Their purpose is to provide people with the tools necessary for healing and inner knowledge to be the full expression of themselves, regardless of their beliefs, religion or social background.

All our tools encourage people to think for themselves and to be themselves, as this is essential for fulfillment and well-being.

Our Philosophy -

We work with the idea that all physical, emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual symptoms begin within the consciousness. What is wrong with a person's body reflects what is not working in their life. Thus, an individual's body can be considered as a map of his consciousness. The Body-Mind Dynamics is revealed in a very precise way..

The healing process implies a transformation, in order to return to a state of natural balance. Healing, since this concept exists, has often been viewed with misunderstanding, mistrust and fear. Society has always seen the healing process as something extraordinary and mysterious, accessible only to shamans and those with special "gifts" or a special relationship with God, or some other unusual feature. In reality, we have all these gifts and we are all healers. The purpose of this teaching is to present healing as a technique of consciousness, a set of tools accessible to all who wish to learn this process.

Our methods combine concepts from Eastern traditions, based on the chakras (energy centers found in Hindu traditions, and Western psychology.

People aware of esoteric philosophies find a clarification of concepts that are already familiar to them, while those who have no knowledge in these areas easily understand and use the proposed ideas and techniques because they are presented in an extremely simple way, so simple that we even teach children to use them. In any case, people find themselves in the driver's seat of their lives. With this holistic approach to health (Body-Mind), we can explore alternative realities, metaphysic aspect of our existence and understand humanity in a different way by looking at what is happening, such as the transition to the New Age, the heart chakra, the era of Aquarius, of unconditional love, sharing and mutual aid.

May this site, may our teaching help you to know yourself, to discover how to heal yourself and how to heal others. There is no illness from which someone has not been healed. What a person has been able to do, everyone can do.

Who is this site for?

- Those who have a symptom to heal.

- Those who want to learn how to heal others.

- Those who work as therapists or doctors, or any other health-related profession, who want to find alternative tools to work with.

- Those who wish to return to a clear vision with tools of inner transformation.

- Those desiring to explore spiritual dimension of their being with or without religion.

These methods are an alternative and not a replacement for the medicine with which they are compatible. People are encouraged to stay in touch with their doctors.
Who is using our tools? -

Our teaching has been practiced by people coming from a wide variety of backgrounds such as doctors, nurses, therapists, students, businesswomen and-men, housewives and house husbands, people from all walks of life, for any kind of symptoms as well physical, cancer, AIDS, as non-physical, nervous breakdown etc.

Some are usimg these tools to heal themselves, for self-healing.

Others use them to heal others, therapists, sophrologists, shamans, magnetisers etc. Some combine our tools with theirs, for example many Reiki practitioners appreciate the specificity of our tools. Even if we also work gently with energy and a light touch, they appreciate the card that decodes the cause of the symptoms in the consciousness, the precise feedback given to the patient gives actually more stability to the healing. Without this feedback, it is very easy to go back to our old realities, our old patterns and develop a symptom again.

Some use our tools for inner knowledge or their evolution and spiritual growth.


  • Doctor R.S. – Italy
    At the end of this course I realized that the method works no matter what “scientific” explanation you can find. I tried other intellectual speculations regarding the “anthropological pathways,” the old Gnossis, Tantra or the Upanishads, but they seemed to me too far from this immediate and direct approach. What I realized was that all my knowledge was not only not useful but detrimental to my learning. It happened at the beginning when I gave my first “White Light” healing to a friend with Parkinson’s Disease. He did not know that I was a doctor and that I usually treat patients like him. He chose me as a healer and I was amazed. Twenty years of medical school training stood in front of me. …Eventually I perceived the light entering and expanding. …What impressed me was that he was really better, without any levodopa or dopaminergic drugs. His voice, his face, his movements were better.
    Doctor R.S. – Italy
  • I. F. – LIsbon
    According to the doctors, glaucoma is “a disease for life”. Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with a Glaucoma (internal high ocular tension). The values where between 27 and 25. The normal ocular tension is between 14 and 18. I lived 10 years religiously putting drops in my eyes, in the morning and at night. After a Body mirror intensive, where I talked to Martin Brofman about this, he advised me to fing out wha was the internal tension that I was living at the time and to think about it. I was able to find the cause: – I had tell my two sons that they couldn’t come to live with me (they lived with their father since the divorce), because I didn’t want to set precedents and live with the three daughters of my husband. After one month, I was forced to receive them by court order… (The children had ask to change parental authority). The house was too small for the 5 of us, we couldnt be 7 living there. I depressed. Not only because I didn«t have my sons with me, but also beause of being forced to live with his daughters, much more work, much more expenses, fights…
    Realizing all of this, I thought: But there is even no reason for this to exist anymore, the tension did not even existed anymore. I was already divorced. With the divorce I recovered the connection and friendship with my sons. After that episosed, they had been much colder with me.
    I decided to stop putting drops in my eyes. After a few months I went to the ophthalmologist. The ocular tension was normal. I went there every year and the tension was always normal. After 4 years without drops, I went to the hospital, to do several eye exams, like the “Visual Fields” specific for glaucomas. The tension keeps to be normal. I have full remission.
    I. F. – LIsbon
  • A. D. - Geneva
    The doctor said he thought I had not resisted and taken the medicines again: the results of my analyses were deeply impressive! For the first time after 5 years, my thyroid functions perfectly, alone! I am so happy to have found my normal way of health again! It is fantastic! I am enjoying each minute of this new life, MY life!!! Thank you for your spreading what you know!!!!!
    A. D. - Geneva
  • A.M. - Switzerland
    I have had high blood pressure all my life, and now it is back to normal (healed by another student during an Intensive Level 1). This has been witnessed by 2 doctors in the intervall of 6 months. I’m very happy about this :o)
    A.M. - Switzerland
  • N.W. - Danemark
    Thank you for what you have done to me. I am feeling a happiness when I take a cup on one hand and a plate in my other hand and walk to the table. …About three weeks and three days ago I could not do things like that. I have bought a bike. It is eight years since I have been on a bike. It is so good to feel the wind in my face. It is because of you I can hold the pain away and I can walk without that stick. Thank you Martin Brofman
    N.W. - Danemark

The Founder

Martin Brofman has taught his ideas all over the world for more than thirty-five years and has trained others who continue his teachings. His books are published in about twenty languages and are known for the clarity with which ideas are presented.

Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have learned to use his techniques. This is his story as he tells it, taken from the books "Improve your vision" and "Anything can be healed".

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