18 January 2018

Healing and transformation

Every symptom has a certain way of being with which it is associated. In order to release a symptom, one must release the way of being […]
18 January 2018

A Chakra Healing Meditation

From the book “Anything can be Healed” by Martin Brofman With this experience, you will be directing your attention to each of the chakras in turn, […]
18 January 2018

Through The Tunnel

Through The Tunnel A Personal Account of NDE by a Walk-In I was at the Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia. I had just been told that I […]
14 January 2018

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love When I had terminal cancer and had to heal myself, one of the ideas that I came across was that “Love Heals.” Since my […]
23 October 2019

A Healer’s View of AIDS

We are each an energy system. Energy flows through our being, and is directed by our consciousness. When we are healthy, or in balance, the energy […]
14 January 2018

To Be Happy

18 January 2018

Love Heals

When I decided to heal myself of terminal cancer in 1976, I heard the idea that “love heals.” Everyone seemed to know this, and since healing […]
18 January 2018

Accepting Your Healing

Each type of illness is associated with a particular way of being. There is a personality type associated with heart disease, there is another associated with […]
18 January 2018

Vision as a Metaphor

The relationship between eyesight and consciousness Why are our eyes called the windows to our souls? Why do we speak of the way that we “see” […]
18 January 2018

Karma and Healing

Since we are all creators who have agreed to co-create a physical plane, we must have agreed to some system that holds everything together, some set […]
14 January 2018

The Body Mirror System ©

18 January 2018

Owning Your Power

from the book “Improve Your Vision”, by Martin Brofman Owning your power, your power to be real, to be who you really are, is really about […]
18 January 2018

We Are All Healers

We define healing as “returning to the experience of balance (harmony) and wellness.” One who heals another is helping the other return to the experience of […]
Zamolxis, …says further, « that as you ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head, or the head without the body, so neither ought you to attempt to cure the body without the soul; and this, », he said, « is the reason why the cure of many diseases is unknown to the physicians of Hellas, because they are ignorant of the whole, which ought to be studied also; for the part can never be well unless the whole is well. » For all good and evil, whether in the body or in human nature, originates, as he declared, in the soul, and overflows from thence, as if from the head into the eyes. And therefore if the head and body are to be well, you must begin by curing the soul; that is the first thing. « Let no one », he said, « persuade you to cure the head, until he has first given you his soul to be cured…»

Platon - Charmide

« Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. »


by Narada Maha Thera, published by Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre, reprinted by The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation. “In this year [his 80th] he had to suffer from a severe sickness, and “sharp pains came upon him even unto death.” With his iron will, mindful and reflective, the Buddha bore them without any complaint. The Buddha was now conscious that he would soon pass away. But he thought that it would not be proper to pass away without addressing his attendant disciples and giving instructions to the order. So he decided to subdue his sickness by his will and live by constantly experiencing the bliss of Arahatship.”

The Buddha and His Teachings