The instructors

Annick Brofman

President of the Brofman Foundation
Seminars taught: Body-Mirror System - Vision Workshop - Languages: French - English

Annick discovered Martin Brofman's seminars in 1989. She heals neck pain, allergies. She leaves her job as a social worker to devote herself to healing and teaching the Body-Mirror System and the Vision Workshop that she has shared around the world since 1991.

Let us love without counting, let us love without waiting, let us love without judging. Love fills in the gaps, restores the bonds, heals all evils. Come on - Let's love each other for good.

Anne-Birte Christensen

Seminars taught: Body-Mirror System - Vision Workshop - Languages: Danish - German - English

+45 23 84 66 11 -

Anne-Birte Christensen became an instructor in 1990. She was born in Denmark, studied history and social anthropology. She experienced healing by surprising her dentist, healing the bone of her jaw that had dissolved around a tooth. She lived for a long time in Germany, where she became Heilpraktiker – a health practitioner in natural medicine - she teaches the Body-Mirror System and the Vision Workshop.

Everyone deserves to be loved. You too !

Jérôme Gadeyne

Seminar taught: Body-Mirror System - Language: French

+33 (0)6 03 36 26 64 -

It is by learning the tools developed by Martin Brofman during his healing process that Jérôme decides to use energy for healing. He heals severe allergies, heavy nosebleeds and improves his vision to the point of no longer wearing glasses or contact lenses. He then decided to teach the method developed by Martin.

"Time" is a permanent moment in a state of movement, everything happens now

Konstantinos Stergiopoulos

Seminar taught: Body-Mirror System - Language: Greek - English - Italian

+30 694 257 62 94 -

Konstantinos Stergiopoulos studied and graduated in psychology, psychoanalysis and a master in philosophy. He worked as a psychologist and psychoanalyst and did clinical work in private practice as well as in social services and hospitals until he had a serious accident threatening his foot to the point that doctors told him he might need to be amputated. After that, he turned to alternative healing methods and attended his first intensive seminar in the Mirror Body System reality. From that moment on, everything in his life changed for the better and he decided to dedicate his life to further exploring Martin's method. Using the Mirror Body tools, he healed receding gums and periodontitis, allergic rhinitis, severe allergies, stigmata of anemia, asthma, low blood pressure, pharyngitis, migraines and insomnia, astigmatism and also improved his vision by getting rid of his glasses. He then started to organize seminars and decided to start the training program for instructor candidates dedicated to teaching this wonderful method. He currently lives in Greece.

Be love and spread love.

Philippe Hannetelle

Seminars taught: Body-Mirror System - Vision Workshop - Language: French - English

+33 (0)6 30 78 43 29 -

Philippe Hannetelle met Martin Brofman in 1990. Through the tools Martin teaches him, he heals himself of nearsightedness and astigmatism in particular and turns to the teaching of these philosophies and techniques and becomes an instructor of the Mirror Body System in 1990 and the Vision Workshop in 1998.

Be vigilant, walk consciously and everything is set up in the flow of life.

Susana Barroco

Seminars taught: Body-Mirror System - Language: Portuguese

+351 912 532 882 -

When Susana found the Body Mirror System, she immediately healed severe insomnia. She was also healed of peripheral neuropathy - she regained full feeling in her left foot which had been without any sensation for years due to a surgery. She started breathing with her nose uncovered. She released the addiction of tobacco effortlessly after smoking for many years. Her whole life changed, in the sense that she got to know herself better. Friendships became deeper and more meaningful. Relationships became easier and healthier. It became much clearer what makes her happy. At a certain point, she decided to dedicate herself exclusively to this wonderful healing system and to organize courses. Naturally, as the work progressed, she became an instructor of the Body Mirror System.

Follow your dreams! Walk with love. Enjoy every moment the wonders that this world has to offer. Remember that it is the way you perceive the world that is creating your reality

Viola Schöpe

Seminar taught: Body-Mirror System - Language: German

+49 (0)178 56 237 23 -

Viola Schöpe has been interested in psychology and bioenergy for more than 30 years. She has practiced meditation, energy work and Shiatsu. In 1991, she met the american healer Martin Brofman and the healing technique he developed "The Body-Mirror System". Thanks to this method, she was able to heal herself of various symptoms, including hay fever and a deviation of the spine as well as many personal problems. Since completing her training with Martin Brofman in 1994, she has been a graduate instructor of the "Body-Mirror System" and teaches seminars in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

If it is useful to know the connections that exist between everything, it helps even more to live it with all your heart. Then the wonder of this world will be revealed to you.