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17 January 2018
Through The Tunnel
18 January 2018
Témoignages page 1
17 January 2018
Through The Tunnel
18 January 2018

Since we are all creators who have agreed to co-create a physical plane, we must have agreed to some system that holds everything together, some set of mechanics that reflects the unlimited and free nature of our being, as well as the nature of consciousness itself.

Karma is the name we have given to these mechanics. It is not a set of rules imposed from outside ourselves, but is merely the effect of what we do in our own consciousness. First of all, we must remember that the nature of our consciousness is to move us toward the completion of the pictures we choose to put into our own consciousness. When we have a goal and have put the picture of that goal into our consciousness, the fulfillment of the goal exists and we are moving toward it.

We can say that we have given our request to Higher Intelligence, whether we see this Higher Intelligence as something outside ourselves, or inside. Higher Intelligence then gives us instructions, moment-to-moment, through the communication vehicle we call our intuition, or our instinct. Thus, our direction comes from within ourselves, in terms of doing what feels right to us, moment-to-moment.

At the same time, events in the outer world seem to be moving us in the same direction. These seem to be forces outside of ourselves, but they were set in motion by the picture or goal we have placed in our own consciousness. Thus, when certain things happen which seem to be directed by forces beyond our control yet at the same time are apparently in accord with what is “supposed to happen,” according to some kind of pattern and order, we say that it was karmic. Sometimes we also use the word “destiny” to describe the same force moving us in this way.

We can say, then, that one element of what we know as karma is that force that seems to be outside ourselves, propelling us toward the completion of our goals, yet set in motion by what we have done in our own consciousness. As we move toward this completion, two variables exist, namely, our actions and our perceptions. These too, which we decide, set in motion certain forces which seem to be outside of ourselves.

In terms of our actions, we say that what we do comes back to us. This is not done with a sense of divine retribution, but rather simply mechanics, and as a means of communication. You see, there are many different ways of expressing love, and as we have mentioned earlier, the way that some people express their love is sometimes interpreted as the opposite of what was intended.

Fortunately, a protocol does exist that can help us to understand each other’s sensitivities and preferences. If you want people to relate to you in a particular way, you can show them that way by example. Put out what you want back. Treat others what you would like them to treat you, and understand that others are treating you as they want to be treated.

It’s as if they are saying, “This is how I like to have love expressed to me. If you want to express love to me, and this way of expressing it feels good for you to do, it is what feels good to me.” At the same time, they can be observing your actions, and understanding those as a demonstration of how you want love expressed to you, if it feels good for them to do it that way.

In terms of your relationship with the Universe, or whatever you choose to call the composite of energies that you perceive to be outside yourself, understand that the Universe is returning to you, through others, the energies and actions that have originated from you. While these energies are perceived to be outside yourself, they were set in motion by your actions, and they constitute a second element of what we call karma.

If it looks like divine retribution, consider the energies you have been putting out, because now you know what it feels like when they come back. Rather than continuing to create the same series of effects by continuing to put out the same energies, you can decide to create something different that will feel better when it returns to you. Thus, we can say that the “purpose” of this aspect of karma is understanding, and that once we achieve this understanding, we are released from the effects of that karma.

Of course, the positive aspects of your actions are also returned to you, in the sense of the Blue Chakra and the Green Chakra working together. As you flow along your path, expressing your love to others, and thereby satisfying their needs with no effort on their part at all, you find that your needs are met with no effort at all on your part, and also through an expression of the love of others. Thus, the love you put out comes back to you.

In terms of your perceptions creating karma, we are talking of the way you choose to see others. We are all creators, each a soul, each a consciousness manifesting our Universe around us. In this way, we are all absolute equals. We all have the same equipment in our consciousness, and although some have manifested their abilities more than others have, we all have the same potential. We each have the same computer, although some have chosen to accept better programming.

From this point of view, we can say that when you look at the achievements of Beings you consider remarkable or extraordinary, they are only showing you an aspect of your own capabilities. What one Being can do, any Being can do. We are all equal, and in terms of our evolution, are all moving toward the Violet Chakra, representing Unity. We are moving toward Unity.

Unity does not exist in a hierarchical structure, but rather implies absolute equality. For one consciousness to be fully inside another in order to experience the other as itself with a sense of Unity, the two must be absolutely equal. If you see someone as less than or greater than you, that is a misperception and must be corrected for the purposes of your evolution, and for the evolution of all.

If you others as greater than you, you must understand it as a misperception. They have simply made you aware of your own capabilities, and have given you the tools for your growth, tools with which you can go beyond your own self-imposed limits. You have the ability to do what they have done, perhaps even better if you wish.

If you see others as less than you, your perceptions must also be adjusted. One way to do this is to “walk a mile in their shoes.” The forces that move events in this direction seem to be coming from outside yourself, but they were set in motion by what you were doing in your own consciousness. This means of adjusting your perceptions is the third element of what we know as karma. We can see how its purpose is also understanding.

Thus, what we know as karma is made up of three elements:

Moving us to the completion of our goals.

Returning to us the effects of our actions.

Adjusting our perceptions toward those of equality.

By looking at the events in our lives, those things that “happen to us,” as being aspects of karma, we have a means of understanding certain things that did not make sense before. We can see a pattern and an order to things, and can release the tensions of misunderstanding that existed before.

We can see that what we know as karma is, at the same time, both totally personal and totally impersonal. It is personal in the sense that it reflects what we as individuals have chosen to do with our individual consciousness, and impersonal in the sense that it functions the same way for everyone. We can see that each of us is, at the same time, living the effects of past karma and building new karma, and sometimes it is difficult to tell which is which.

Since we each create and live our own karma, the idea that we can somehow “take on” the karma of another in any way demonstrates a misunderstanding of the nature of karmic mechanics.

Some healers claim that certain symptoms cannot be healed because they are karmic. These healers are simply at the effects of their own limiting ideas, and exporting their limitations in the form of some cosmic mystery. We believe that anything can be healed. The capacity to achieve this lies within each one of us.

From our point of view, all symptoms are karmic in that they are the effect of what people are doing in their own consciousness. This does not mean that they cannot be healed. If it was our karma to be ill, it can also be our karma to be healed, as was the case with me. If understanding is the purpose of karma, then that is in accord with our description of the relationship between the body and the consciousness.

When we develop a symptom, the symptom exists to give a message to us about some way of being that has been out of balance for us. We do to ourselves literally what we have been doing figuratively.

When we understand the message that our body has been giving and make the necessary adjustments in our way of being, the symptom has no further reason for existing and can be released. It is for this reason, remember, that it is important for us as healers to communicate the inner cause of the outer symptom, as an integral part of the healing.

It is also important for us to remember that we are unlimited in our consciousness, and that any idea that limits us is, by its nature, invalid. We have an unlimited ability to heal anything. If there is some idea that gives us a reason to believe that we do not have the ability to perform this important spiritual service, we can replace this idea with another that gives us the means to go beyond this perceived limit.

We know that anything can be healed.

From “Anything Can Be Healed”, by Martin Brofman.

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